Bury Fish Hatchery
The Bury Fish Hatchery has been working since 1974 to
offer our customers the finest Speckled Trout (
) in the Eastern Townships.  They are grown at
our hatchery from the beginning of their life cycle.  The
females and males are selected from which the eggs are
extracted and fertilized in the fall.  The alevins or sac fry
hatch during the winter months, and soon become fry
and later fingerlings. All of our fish are free from genetic
alterations and no measures have been used to sterilize
their reproductive system.  With the right conditions
they will continue to spawn naturally.  A wide variety of
sizes are available at our hatchery for those who wish to
stock their ponds at home, or to purchase eggs for their
fish farm.  We also deal with Fish & Game Clubs,
Outfitters, ZECS, Schools, Campgrounds and other such
organizations or special events.

Delivery is available or you can come and pick up your
fish yourself.  Bags, water and oxygen are used to
package your fish so that you can get them home safely.

We offer
food for your stocked fish that we can deliver
with your order or that you can come and pick up.  
Selected sizes of food are available depending on your
fish requirements.

No longer any Fishing at the hatchery
we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Due to Civid-19 we are
only open by
appointment for pick-up
of previously ordered fish
or fish food.  All
information, questions,
or enquiries must be
done by phone at
There will be limited
access to the farm and
we will only be accepting
e-transfers or exact
money for sales.  

This ensures that we
protect our customers,
ourselves and our family.

Thank you for your